Goddess Temple News: Beltane 2021 Edition now out!

Goddess Hall Roses by Trevor Nuthall

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Goddess Temple News is lovingly created four times a year, at Imbolc, Beltane, Samhain and Lammas.
Goddess Temple News is edited by Elsa Field and Giorgia Farano with contributions from other Temple Priestesses and Priests.

What a year it has been so far for our Glastonbury Goddess Temple, with online activities and courses abound as we await with bated breath the moment when we can begin to work in-person again. And that time is finally coming now, with the roadmap out of “lockdown” here in the UK continuing to unfold. Anna-Saqqara, Temple Melissa Mother, describes to us the exciting plans for the Goddess Temple reopening in the first article in our newsletter!

As we enter the time of the blossoming here in Avalon, the gifts of the Lover Goddess are all around us. This is a powerful time for exploring our own sensuality and how we bring our full, embodied presence as Priestesses, Priests and Goddess-loving people into this world. Joanne Foucher describes to us the energies of the Goddess Rhiannon, and how we can experience Her in our daily lives. Anna-Saqqara Price describes how connecting with the spirit of horse, the archetypal power animal associated with Rhiannon, we can create the boundaries in our own lives that we need to reclaim our own sovereignty. Maria Jones, Priestess astrologer, invites us into the workings of the stars and what we can hope to experience between now and Lammas. We also have some wonderful articles from Jade Dalton-Roome on her work on inclusivity and the Goddess, and Iona Jones on a brand new home education project beginning in Goddess House. Our community is filled with the energy of spring and new beginnings!

In the offerings from Goddess Temple Madrons, Bliss Russell invokes the Goddess Hathor, Star Mother at Beltane, while Jennifer Murphy leads us through a self-love embodiment practice for the Lady of Avalon.

We hope you enjoy the rich pickings of this edition of Goddess Temple News. As always, we value your comments and feedback at info@goddesstemple.co.uk.

With Beltane blessings from

The Goddess Temple Team

Beltane Goddess Temple News 2021