Embodied Birth Experience

Sacred Birth Centre and Lady of Avalon

Online Training

With Freya Rose Birch

This training is a 13-week journey towards an embodied birth experience. You will gain the wisdom and embodiment you need to ecstatically birth your baby. This course is for those who desire to tell a new story about birth and liberate their lineage.

On Embodied Birth Experience, you will learn tools for creating presence during pregnancy and birth to increase connectivity with your baby and create a more euphoric experience.

Through this journey, I will give you the tools to liberate your lineage through deep womb work, whilst also healing and transforming any previous trauma you may be storing in your body, mind, womb or psyche, including birth trauma (being born and previous births).

The training is for heart-centred, soulful women who desire to align with birth as a spiritual, embodied & ecstatic experience.

This is a journey for women, who are curious to experience pregnancy and birth in a more pain-free, ecstatic, pleasure-focused way, in connection with their baby and body.

Held in a profound, loving and safe container, this exploration of yourself will leave you feeling intimately in tune with your intuitions, dreams and inner self, enabling you to rebirth yourself into the mother you desire to be.

You will receive:

  • The ability to tune in to your inner power and your primal birthing wisdom.
  • The tools to support you to release any fears or emotions during both pregnancy and labour.
  • A re-patterning of your own conception and birth story.
  • A community of divine sister mothers.
  • A deep connection with your baby through pregnancy, birth, and the rest of motherhood.
  • Full sovereignty of your body and choices and the confidence to birth your way and on your terms.
  • Bond with your baby, prenatal bonding supports secure attachment and emotional intelligence.
  • Release emotions through cervical recoding so you can open emotionally and physically in birth.