Goddess Temple Pilgrimages

At this power Solar Eclipse we are delighted to share a new project from the Goddess Temple… Goddess Temple Pilgrimages.

Goddess Temple Pilgrimages takes people into the magical mystery worlds of Goddess. We journey to the lands of our Priestess selves. We will visit ancient temples and Earth sacred sites throughout Europe, and we will offer our prayers and intentions, giving thanks to Goddess for the gifts in our lives.

What are Goddess Pilgrimages?

Goddess pilgrimages are journeys of the soul, bringing us in deeper connection with ourselves and Goddess. Journeying intentionally to these sacred places brings healing into our hearts. They can awaken our soul, and help us to remember who we are, and who we once were before.

People embark on pilgrimages for many reasons… maybe you are in need of deep healing and nourishment… maybe you are at a time of transition, where you are at crossroads and unsure which path to take… maybe Goddess is asking you to change your life and step into your power… or maybe you hear the call of the ancient Priestess, beckoning you to their lands to remember who you were….

2023 Pilgrimages

In 2023 we are offering the following pilgrimages:

Goddess Retreat in Glastonbury with Kathy Jones:

Monday 24 – Saturday 29 April 2023

This will be held in the luxury accommodation of Chalice Hill House. Here you can immerse yourself into the energies of Goddess within the Sacred Land of Avalon. A time to withdraw and deepen your connection to the Lady of Avalon.

Meteora, Greece Pilgrimage with Iona Jones:

Wednesday 17 – Tuesday 23 May 2023

On this sacred pilgrimage we will journey to one of the most beautiful places in Greece… into the lands of the Great Goddess… into the heart of Gaia. This takes us to the magical lands of Meteora.

Sardinia Pilgrimage with Sarah Perini and Sonia Desiderio:

Tuesday 10 – Monday 16 October 2023

This pilgrimage takes us to the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia. This is a journey of discovery into the powerful archaeological and sacred sites that are here.

Day Pilgrimages in Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge:

Walk in the footstep of our ancestors… connecting to the stones, the land and the Goddess in the landscape. These trips can be one day, two day or more!