Goddess Temple Newsletter

Imbolc 2020

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Goddess Temple Priestesses and Priests after the Imbolc ceremony 2020, 1st February 2020. 

As we walk the Seasonal Wheel of the Year here at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple some seasons flow gently into each other. For me it can be hard to thaw from the winter dark to the promise of spring that Imbolc brings. Yet despite this the lambs on the hillside wake me with their insistent cries. I can taste the ewe’s milk strong and sweet from that long ago First Spiral Priestess Training weekend and the memories flood through me and I begin to rouse. The bulbs that we have planted show their faces and we prepare to welcome home to Avalon all those who have trained with us, and all those who support the Temple in our Orchard Weekend and Madron Day, at the end of February. We join together to learn and experience, celebrate and socialise together.

Imbolc is a special festival in our renewed Goddess tradition in Glastonbury. Bridie Dolls have been made here since the 1980’s to welcome back the spark into the Land; the sunrise of the festival day blessing all that is left out in its path. Ceremonies at the White Spring and Chalice Well are connected as the door in the wall between the two springs is opened. Our Goddess Temple Ceremonies often include the children of the community holding ceremony. I cherish the memories of the years my daughter participated in these; growing from a curious toddler, via graceful swan, to the young climate activist she is now. And the maidens who first blessed me in ceremony are now grown into glorious young women creating lives of their own.
May we kindle their wisdom and their strength. They are our hope for the future, and even on the darkest of days their light is so bright it sparks again the fire in my heart. Bringing a renewed sense of hope, of potential, of commitment. Magic as the Maiden glows inside all of us. The return of the light, and hope, seems especially poignant this year. May we all support the growth of that tiny spark in them, and in us. May we lean forward and shield it with our hand tenderly and blow on it gently, adding our strength to theirs. May we kindle our young people into strong flames. May we rekindle the connection between us all.

As we begin again. Wobbly as a newborn lamb maybe, but increasingly frisky as the days lengthen. Taking time to plant the seeds that will be this summer’s food, this year’s harvest. Taking time to nurture them, and ourselves, and each other, through the thaw and the unexpected spring weather. Time to welcome life, and noise, back to our world, leaving the crystal winter silence for another turn of the Wheel. Time to crack the shell from the inside and birth ourselves into this new year. To trust life one more time and to risk our hearts.

For the light is returning and the Maiden is beckoning us outside to play.

Katie Player, Priestess of Avalon.