A Glimpse Into

The Mysterium of the Lady of Avalon

21st November 2020

A 3-hour, online ceremonial journey to Avalon, with Kathy Jones, Sally Pullinger, Elsa Field and Priest/esses of Avalon.

“Lady of Avalon, Lady I love you

Nolava, Nolava, Bless me with your love”

Once again we invite you to join us in a special three hour online

Glimpse into the Mysterium of the Lady of Avalon,

A sacred devotional space where we can deepen our connection

To the Lady and to Avalon and give to Her our love and gratitude.

We offer you this opportunity to participate in prayers to the Lady of Avalon, songs, chant and inner journeying to Avalon, in the embodied presence of the Lady of Avalon and the Oracle of Avalon.

With journey music by Jerome Zoran, Sally Pullinger & Elsa Field.

For all who would like to join us here in Glastonbury/Avalon via Zoom.

Please arrive on time in the Zoom waiting room, ready to begin at 5.00pm.

Bring an open heart, your love, and refreshments for the journey.

Note: The full length, three-day long ceremonial Mysterium of the Lady of Avalon will take place in Glastonbury from 16-18th April 2021.
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