Priestess/Priest of Gaia

With Patricia Sutherland

Starts 5th/6th October 2024

In this Two Spiral, Two Year training we will be entering Gaia’s womb, reclaiming that which we have forgotten or lost by connecting and working with Her energies. We will walk Her land as our ancestors once did following her trackways, ley lines and waters to discover Her wisdom and what She holds for us. We will be using Her gifts of crystal, flowers, herbs, woods, waters and air to aid both our own healing, the healing of others and Gaia herself.

During this course you will learn about the many faces of Gaia, connecting with her land, sea and air. Discover how her gifts of crystal in all Her many forms, can aid in your own healing and that of our precious Mother Earth. You will learn how to bring the magick of Her gifts to aid your own lives and that of Gaia.

Through discussion, meditation, journeying and ceremony you will begin to understand and embody the many faces of Gaia and apply this understanding in practical ways. You will receive written files, techniques, resources and crystal gifts that you will be able to refer to and use as needed.

“It is time NOW for us to use the tools we have of compassion, humility and knowledge to assist one another in our personal and planetary healing journeys. How do we do this when there is so much to be done? Where do we start? Inside. We start inside working on making ourselves happier, healthier and more at peace”. John van Rees, 2011

So, come and join me on this journey of discovery, rebirth and transformation to heal ourselves, others and Gaia herself!