Goddess Temple News: Beltane Edition now out!

Have you read our latest Goddess Temple newsletter?

Goddess Temple News is lovingly created four times a year, at Imbolc, Beltane, Samhain and Lammas.
Goddess Temple News is edited by Janet Parfitt with contributions from other Temple Priestesses and Priests.

This season’s contribution contains writings by Bee Helygen, Kathy Jones, Anna-Saqqara Price and Lynne Sedgmore with Beltane-inspired poems by Marion Brigantia and Janet Parfitt. We hope you enjoy this beautiful seasonal offering.

Madrons of the Goddess Temple receive a copy of the newsletter in the post, four times a year.

In this season of blossoming creativity, why not explore some of the wonderful trainings offered by Goddess Temple Teachings? We welcome you into this world of Goddess, and invite you to journey deeper into Her Mysteries at Beltane.

With love from us all at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Goddess House.

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