Sacred Temple Dancer

with Saucco de Trivia

We will share a weekend together exploring our connection to Goddess and to the Lady of Avalon through Sacred Temple Dance, with skilled international professional dancer, Saucco de Trivia.

I am Saucco de Trivia, a professional dancer and Priest of the Goddess. Over many years I have been accumulating experiences both in the world of dance and in my spirituality with the Goddess and my experiences and research have led me to unify both paths and share them with you. Since the beginning of time, Humanity has approached its Goddesses through Dance, and in my case, I have understood that, through my dance, I have done nothing else in my entire life that brings me closer to Her.
Now I want to share and show you that path and I invite you to this Circle, where we will meet Her in the steps of the Sacred Dance.

Come Dance with Me!

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th May 2024