The Silver Spiral: Star Priestess/Priest Training in Goddess-centred Astrology

with Maria Jones, Priestess of Avalon, Priestess Astrologer

Goddess Temple Teachings is very excited to announce a new course for 2020 – The Silver Spiral, a Two Year Priestess training in Goddess-centred astrology. 

The Training focuses on:

  • A journey of transformation and healing through understanding the celestial blueprint of the Birth Chart Mandala
  • Learning to read and actualise your own birth chart and that of others
  • Learning to embody the 12 divine feminine archetypes of the astrology wheel
  • Creating sacred ceremony and ritual to mark Astrological rites of passage for yourself and others

Through the gift of Astrology we will come to know our true soul essence. We see the karmic web we have woven through this incarnation and many others. We will remember who we were, who we are and who we can be.


Course begins at Spring Equinox 2020 – 28-29 March, and continues with seven circles of seven weekends, based in Glastonbury.

Find out more and apply through the Goddess Temple Teaching website!

The Glastonbury Goddess Temple provides a full programme of Priestess training and other trainings in Goddess spirituality.

We have been training Priestesses in Glastonbury since 1998, and there are now hundreds of Priestesses and Priests around the globe who have trained with us.

We offer one-to-three year trainings in person in Glastonbury and via email correspondence.