Goddess Temple Newsletter

Beltane 2020

Read an excerpt below…

These are extraordinary times that we are living in. A few weeks ago life went on as normal, there was some talk of a virus but it seemed far away, not part of our lives. And now it is very much with us and it affects everything. The physical God- dess Temple is closed but we are still online as is Goddess House. We sit in our houses and wait for the storm to pass. We do what we can to protect others and ourselves.

But I cannot help wondering what the lessons from all this are. Is it to appreciate what we have for we are lucky to have homes we can self-isolate in; there are many who do not have even that? Is it to slow down and step away from the treadmill of being busy? Do we justify our lives by how busy we are? I’m busy so I must be helping. And does the Earth need time to recover without our presence? Do we need time alone to get to know ourselves better? All of this is possible. But while I am stuck in the house I am trying to deepen my connection with Goddess not by spending fifteen hours a day meditating because such a thing would be impossible but by keeping Her constantly with me while I boil the kettle and make tea or load the dishwasher or fold laundry. For me this is daily life as spir- itual practice.

We are privileged that, thanks to the internet and our phones, we can all stay in touch with each other and I want to thank all those who are helping others in this crisis. I also want to send healing to those who are ill and compassion to those who are grieving. Goddess is still with us. She never goes away. There is a point to all of this even if it is sometimes hard to see what it is. But She knows what is best for all of us and never doubt that everything She does is because of how much She loves you, because of how much She loves all of us. When all of this is over we will look each other in the eyes and smile. We will hold hands and hug each other with a new appreciation of these small acts of kindness. Love to all and may the blessing of the Goddess be with you today and every day.

Janet Parfitt – Editor,
Priestess of the Goddess and Priestess of Cerridwen