The Mysterium of the Lady of Avalon

17-19th April 2020


In Glastonbury Assembly Rooms & out on the Sacred Land of Avalon 

A three day Devotional Ceremonial Experience of the Presence of the Lady of Avalon, the Nine Morgens and the Oracle of Avalon

With Kathy Jones, Sally Pullinger, Sue Quatermass, Sophie Pullinger, Saucco de Trivia, Mike Jones, Jerome O’Connell, Elsa Field & many dedicated Priestesses and Priests of Avalon

In April 2019 for the first time we created a ceremonial and mystical Spiritual Practice dedicated to the Lady of Avalon, held within a specially designed sacred space, the Mysterium of Avalon.

The Mysterium was created in Glastonbury’s Assembly Rooms, and also experienced out in the sacred landscape of Glastonbury Avalon. The Practice lasted for three days and two evenings and was open to all who love the Lady of Avalon.

The Mysterium will be created again in April 2020, when we will ceremonially invite the Lady of Avalon into Her Mysterium, so that we can experience Her Mysteries.

In the Mysterium we offer you the opportunity to participate in three days of deep devotion, sacred ceremony, prayer, chant, journeying, music, movement, dance and transformational healing, in the embodied presence of the Lady of Avalon, the Nine Morgen Sisters of Avalon and the Oracle of Avalon.

The three days begin with:

  • Cleansing and Preparation ceremonies using the natural elements of the Glastonbury Avalon Landscape – Air of Avalon, Flame of Avalon, Holy Waters of Avalon, Sacred Earth of Avalon, Space of Avalon.
  • Welcome to the Mysterium

Followed over three days by:

  • Invocation of the Sacred Wheel of the Lady of Avalon and the Nine Morgens
  • Sacred Sounding and Chanting for everyone to join in with
  • Preparation for the three day Journey to the Sacred Isle of Avalon
  • Journey across the Lake of Avalon to the Sacred Isle
  • Exploration of the Sacred Inner Landscape of the Isle of Avalon with its rising hills, deep valleys, forests of memory, flowing waters, reflective pools, high mountain sanctuary and the sacred gardens that lie at the heart of the Isle.
  • Transmission from the Lady of Avalon
  • Transmission from the Oracle of Avalon
  • Sacred Labrynth Walk
  • Creation of the Feasting Table of the Nine Morgens
  • Transformational Healing Ceremony at the Feasting Table of the Nine Morgens
  • Sharing Circles
  • Evening Ceremony in the Sacred Landscape of the Isle of Avalon
  • Sacred Song performances
  • Sacred Dance performances
Glastonbury Tor by Kathy Jones

This is a one-of-a-kind ceremonial event co-created by many Priestesses, Priests, Melissas, Sacred Musicians, Dancers, and others, inviting you deep in to the mysteries of Avalon. We invite all who love the Lady to join us.