The Utah Goddess Temple is located in Southern Utah, just west of Cedar City on private property. The Utah Goddess Temple was designed and built by Gypsy Jean and her husband of seventeen years Mason. Together using very minimal modern equipment the Utah Goddess Temple was constructed in less than thirty days. She was truly a labor of love, blood, sweat and tears. The Goddess Temple consists of seventy-five percent recycled material, granite stone gathered within five miles of the property, wood harvested from within thirty miles, the mortar was mixed by hand and each stone, log and recycled glass bottle was placed strategically to create a very elemental sanctuary, solid. Our desire and goal has been to create and facilitate safe space for those who seek a more nature based religious sanctuary. On May 27th, 2017 the Temple was dedicated in the presence of thirty-three women. The Temple was dedicated in honor to the Paiute women who worked this land long before we did, to our ancestors who remained with us as we placed each stone, and as a safe space for those who seek an anchor to connect or reconnect with the Divine Mother Goddess through earth based ceremonies, Lunar rites, ancient pagan traditions and practices.

Together as High Priestess and Caretaker/Guardian- Gypsy and Mason host monthly Full Moon Labyrinth walks followed by meditation and contemplation inside the Temple. We are slowly building a community of Heathens, Pagans, Wiccans and those who practice Goddess Spirituality. The Utah Goddess Temple is ALL-Inclusive. The property features a spiral Labyrinth, Medicine Wheel, Raven House that hosts our monthly Red Tents along with the Temple structure that was once a greenhouse and still features an earthen floor. The Utah Goddess Temple is available to visit, rent or host events and workshops inside by appointment or invite only. Guests can walk the Labyrinth, seek solace inside the Temple, attend yearly Women’s Gatherings, participate in workshops, classes and community friendly Sabbats & High Holy Days.

Gypsy Jean has been leading monthly women’s circles and Red Tents in Cedar City Utah for the past fifteen years. She is dedicated to the Goddess in all her many forms and by all her many names. She is a Double Ordained High Priestess and mother to a Dianic Coven “Desert Sage Sisters” the resident Coven of the Utah Goddess Temple. Gypsy is devoted to serving the community through educating, empowering and promoting self elevation. Gypsy actively participates in Priestess Pilgrimages all over the country to further spread the message of the Goddess and offer service to those who seek her.