Italy – Rome


Italy – Rome

Goddess Temple Rome

Via Val di Lanzo 147/149 – 00141 – Rome

The Goddess Temple Rome (Tempio della Grande Dea No-Profit) is dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite and to the study of the Aphroditic and Avalonian Tradition.

The Temple is a wonderful, welcoming and loving Sacred Place, permeated by the presence of Aphrodite, the Great Goddess of the Sea, Love and Sacred Sexuality, and it is available to anyone who wishes to get in touch with Her and be in Her sacred presence, perceived through one of the lands of Her ancient Mysteries.

Here we dedicate ourselves to various types of arts, activities of spiritual growth and well-being.

Our Temple is also an anthropological, archaeomythological and philosophical research centre.

This Sacred Space is born and is deeply rooted in the Motherhood values of Love, Caring, Wisdom and Discovering.

We organize trips to sacred and natural places and many activities related to the spiritual Path of the Divine Feminine.

The Temple trainings take place mainly in Rome (where She was the most worshipped Goddess) and on the Amalfi Coast (Land of the Mermaids and of the Vesuvius volcano), and through the years, many people from all around the world manifested their interests in knowing again Her names and sacred places through the activities of Her first modern Temple in Rome in this modern era.

May Aphrodite’s love flow like the waves of the Sea and flood the hearts of all who hear Her wise whisper, which is calling us to an ancient and renewed awareness.

Goddess Temple Rome


Goddess Temple Rome:

Via Val di Lanzo 147/149 – 00141




Maya Vassallo Di Florio is the founder of the Goddess Temple Rome, created to share culture, give a new social paradigm and create new and more balanced models of existence after more than 2,000 years since the patriarchy’s destruction of all the temples dedicated to female deities.

Maya is also the creatrix and founder of the Roma Goddess Conference.

As a Priestess, she was trained at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, the world’s first modern Goddess Temple.