Our Vision

Photo by Ann Cook

Photos: Ann Cook

Goddess Temple Community

Glastonbury Goddess Temple is a visionary organisation dedicated and devoted to bringing Goddess alive in the world in the 21st Century, through the empowerment of women and men as spiritual thinkers, leaders and visionholders.

For too long Goddess has been forgotten, degraded and denigrated as patriarchal thinking has dominated our world culture. This has occurred in parallel with the oppression of women, through the control of women’s bodies and physical expression, and the repression of women’s spiritual, emotional and creative energies.

Glastonbury Goddess Temple follows and offers to others a devotional path of returning to Love for Goddess for all people. We do this through the holding of Goddess-centred space, and by offering ceremonial and healing experiences that are available to all.

Our Temple Vision

To Bring Goddess Alive in the World

Our vision is to celebrate and openly worship the Great Goddess in all of Her many manifesting forms and throughout the cycles of the seasons of Her nature.

Our vision is to carry Her message of love, peace and acceptance out into the world as Her Priestesses and Priests, and to offer Her Path of Mystery to all those who  want to find and know Her.

Our vision is to create and maintain a permanent contemporary Goddess Temple here in Glastonbury, within the boundaries of the Sacred Isle of Avalon. Our Temple is dedicated to the Lady of Avalon, who is Goddess here in this land.

The Goddess Temple is a sacred space open to all, which is especially set aside for the exploration and celebration of Goddess. It is a holy place where we can worship and honour Her in ways that are old and new and where all our love for Her is welcome.

Glastonbury Goddess Temple welcomes all Goddess-loving people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race and culture. We recognise each individual as a Soul incarnate upon Her beautiful Planet Earth.

To Empower Women and Men

Our vision is for women and men to once again reclaim their true power as spiritual dreamers, thinkers and visionaries, and as community leaders.

We believe in the transformative power of Goddess spirituality to empower women and men to create new ways of being, thinking and feeling, so that we can heal ourselves, our relationships and our world. 

Our vision includes the creation of MotherWorld, the society where Mother Earth, mothers and the values of mothering – love, care and support for each other – are placed in the centre of our lives, rather than being left out on the periphery.