Our Story

Photo by Ann Cook

Photos: Ann Cook

Photo by Ann Cook

The Glastonbury Goddess Temple is a modern-day Goddess loving community organisation, dedicated to the worship of the indigenous British Goddess in all of Her many manifesting forms. Living here on the sacred Isle of Avalon, the Glastonbury Goddess community have been re-experiencing and re-imagining the Divine Feminine since the 1980s.

We believe that we are the first formally recognised public indigenous British Goddess Temple in Europe for perhaps 1,500 years and maybe ever.

Since its inception, the organisation has grown to encompass many other beautiful enterprises and community offerings, set up by Priestesses and Priests of Avalon from the Temple.

Goddess Temple Interior by Kim von Coels

The Goddess Temple dressed for Beltane 2019

Goddess Temple in 2009 by Kathy Jones

The Goddess Temple dressed for Imbolc 2009

In 2000, The Glastonbury Goddess Temple was created, first as a pop-up Temple in various locations around Glastonbury.

The Temple was opened at Imbolc 2002 for the worship of the Goddess in many forms. On the 18th June 2003, The Glastonbury Goddess Temple was formally recognised as a place of worship.

Our permanent Temple space is in the Courtyard of the Glastonbury Experience, which is open to the public, from 12-4 pm, 365 days of the year. The Goddess Temple is a space for prayer, meditation, celebration and worship of Goddess. It is a place where in the 21st century Goddess-loving people from all over Britain and the world can find and meet each other, have conversations, make connections, celebrate together and share their love for Goddess.

Goddess Hall Exterior by Kim von Coels

The Goddess Hall

In 2008, the Temple changed from being an Association to being a Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise. This enabled us to purchase The Goddess Hall in Benedict Street, where we now hold our larger seasonal ceremonies and many of our Goddess Temple Teachings and Priestess Trainings. The Hall can also be hired as a venue for groups and individuals holding workshops and events, and is used by a wide variety of groups from the Glastonbury community and further afield.

Beltane Ceremony, May 2013

Beltane celebrations outside The Goddess Hall, May 2013

Goddess Temple Gifts, Photo by Kim von Coels

Goddess Temple Gifts

In 2013 we opened our Goddess Temple Gifts Shop also in the Glastonbury Experience Courtyard, to provide Goddess artists, craftspeople, makers, writers, musicians and priestesses the opportunity to sell their creations to the public. The beautiful shop is a place where the public can find wonderful Goddess-centred gifts. The shop also has an online store. Profits from the shop directly support The Glastonbury Goddess Temple.  

Goddess House, Photo by Kim vol Coels
Nolava Room, Photo by Kim vol Coels

The Goddess House

In 2016 we founded the beautiful Goddess House on Magdalene Street in the centre of Glastonbury, as our Goddess Healing Temple and Goddess Educational Centre. The House is open Monday-Saturday and we have a wonderful team of experienced, dedicated therapists who are able to offer a wide range of holistic therapies to the public.

The Goddess House is also a thriving events venue with many ceremonies, workshops & other events offered by Temple Priestesses and Priests, serving Goddess here in Glastonbury. There are meditation rooms open to the public, including a Moon Womb room dedicated for menstruating women to connect with their cycle and rest and retreat. We also have a beautiful library filled with Goddess and feminist books.

The beautiful rooms in Goddess House can be hired as  event venues by groups and individuals wishing to be in a Goddess-centred space.

Moon Womb Room, Photo by Kim vol Coels

The Moon Womb Room in Goddess House, a space for women to retreat and rest while cycling with the Moon

Goddess House Library, Photo by Kim von Coels

The Goddess House library offers space for Temple students to study, read and meditate