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Samhain 2020

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Samhain – the traditional Celtic New Year, a time when we enter into the realms of the Crone Goddess, the Dark Mother. We dive down into the depths, fearlessly facing our shadow selves, ready for change, transformation, for the death of the old and the rebirth of the new.

Samhain is one of the four cross-quarter points of the Wheel of the Year that are traditional Celtic fire festivals, sitting directly opposite Beltane. In the Priestess lineage of Avalon, Samhain is traditionally a time when we begin the training of new Priestesses in our “Spiralage”. The Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of Cerridwen trainings both begin around Samhain. In this edition of Goddess Temple News, we hear from Priestess tutor Luna Silver about the importance of fire as a transformational element at Samhain, and how we can use this potent portal to give away all that no longer serves us.

This has been a year of transformation for so many people and communities, the Goddess Temple being no exception! As we emerge into the dawn of the new day at Samhain, we recognise too that there is still a long and shadowy road ahead. In the coming months, we are all being invited to look deeply inward, to transform and change our ways of life as we awaken to a new age on our planet. Goddess wisdom is returning! Bee Helygen, course tutor of the Priestess of Cerridwen training, offers her reflections on how as a Temple community, we have stepped up to meet the challenges of 2020!

In our new regular astrology feature in Goddess Temple News, Maria Jones, Silver Spiral tutor, takes us on a journey into the astrology of Samhain 2020 -Imbolc 2021, and the challenges that will face us as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Kate Fletcher, tutor of the Sacred Birthkeeper training, introduces us to the teachings of Sheela Na Gig, another ancient Goddess here on Brigit’s Isles, who is in Herself a portal for rebirth. And Rachel Harris, tutor of the new Priestess of Mother Earth training, writes of how we can find ways to connect with Her deep and dark places over this season of change.

At this time on our Earth, many of us are reconsidering how we wish to live our lives, and how we can best serve others and Goddess. Now is the time for the rebirth of Goddess Temples all over the world – as Temple creative director outlines in our new Sister Temples project.

We hope you enjoy the rich pickings of this Goddess Temple News. As always, we value your comments and feedback by contacting us.

With Samhain blessings from

The Goddess Temple Team