Goddess Temple Newsletter

Lammas 2021

Goddess Temple News is lovingly created four times a year, at Imbolc, Beltane, Samhain and Lammas.

Printed editions are usually available in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple by donation.

Goddess Temple News is edited by Elsa Field and Giorgia Farano with contributions from other Temple Priestesses and Priests.

Read an excerpt below…

Beltane Goddess Temple News 2021

Welcome to the Lammas edition of Goddess Temple News!

Thank you for your support for our flourishing Goddess Temple here in the heart of Avalon, the sacred land of Glastonbury.

As always, I am so inspired by the rich mythology and her story that arises from the words of our Priestesses in Goddess Temple News. Now is the time of Her burgeoning abundance, as we celebrate the golden season of Lammas. There is a special kind of haze that occurs when sunlight hits the ripening grain fields at this time of year – I call it “Lammas light”. This golden light can also be the light within our own souls, the light of Goddess, the light that we must nurture in order for it to grow and fill our whole beings, just as a Mother nurtures her children.

In this season’s edition of Goddess Temple News, we have some beautiful writings on the Goddess in Her Mother aspect from Susie Quatermass, on sovereignty by Lynne Sedgmore, and on the Mother’s time of ripening from Kristina Turner and Kate Fletcher. We have several new Goddess Temple trainings beginning over autumn 2021 and spring 2022, including the Death Priestess of Avalon training with Bee Helygen. You can read more about the sacred and ancient death rites of the Priestess in Bee’s article inside. Temple founder Kathy Jones also tells us more about her two brand new Goddess books, coming out this year. If you are interested in the movements of the stars over the coming months, Maria Jones, Priestess astrologist, gives us an insider view into what’s to come in her Lammas to Samhain astrology reading.

We hope you enjoy the rich pickings of this season’s Goddess Temple News. As always, we value your comments and feedback at info@goddesstemple.co.uk.

With Lammas blessings from

Elsa Field, editor of GT News
and the rest of the Goddess Temple Team