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Imbolc 2021

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Igniting Bride’s Healing Flame

To all Goddess Temple friends and supporters,

Welcome to the Imbolc edition of Goddess Temple News!

At Imbolc, we celebrate the Maiden Goddess, Bride/Brigid, who brings Her inspiration and renewal out of the dark dreamtime of the Winter Crone. At Imbolc, the Crone passes Her black rod to the Maiden, who transforms it into a white rod which She uses to ignite the slumbering Earth. Brigid is a flamekeeper Goddess, who comes to us through the dark, carrying Her lantern within which is Her healing, perpetual flame. At Kildare in Ireland, Brigid’s followers still keep her flame alight, and Brigid’s flame is one of the many flames that were combined in the creation of the Flame of Avalon alight in Glastonbury Goddess Temple. In these challenging times, we must all dig deep into our inner resources to find the light, strength and guidance we need to ignite our own inner flame. As a Temple and as a community, we are trusting in the Lady of Avalon and in Goddess, as we support each other through what at times can seem like impenetrable darkness. Together, we are creating a new world, and a Goddess way through these transformational times focussed on loving compassion and kindness.

On the theme of transformation, in this month’s edition Maria Jones, Priestess astrologer, brings us her take on the astrology we will experience from Imbolc to Beltane – a fascinating insight into what we can expect from the stars! Rachel Harris, tutor of the Priestess of Mother Earth training, sheds light on how we can connect with the Her nature during this time of reawakening.

Just after Samhain, our community was rocked by the passing of one of our beloved Priestesses of Avalon, Jana de Madrid. Jana was an incredible woman, and some of her friends and fellow Priestesses remember her in words in this season’s newsletter, in a tribute to her incredible life.

At the time of writing, we are beginning a new calendar year, yet again in the UK we are back in the midst of nationwide restrictions as a result of the coronavirus. We are learning to be continuously adaptable these days, as the Goddess Temple has (temporarily!) closed again, as has Goddess House and Goddess Temple Gifts.

Goddess Hall remains open for use as a venue for support groups such as our baby and toddler and mental health groups, as these are essential services being provided to the Glastonbury community. You can read more about the brilliant work of the Mothers Collective, being birthed by Iona Jones and other local mothers, in this month’s edition of Goddess Temple News!

Meanwhile, the Goddess Temple has many exciting online learning and ceremony opportunities planned throughout this Spring and Summer – find out more in the following pages.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Goddess Temple News. As always, we value your comments and feedback at info@goddesstemple.co.uk.

With Imbolc blessings from

The Goddess Temple Team