Bonus Madron Content

The Lady’s Prayer

The Lady’s Prayer is one of our best loved prayers in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple tradition. In this guided video, follow along with the words and actions of the Lady’s Prayer, demonstrated by Kathy Jones, Temple founder and creative director.

You can use the prayer in your own sacred space to call in Goddess and the Lady of Avalon into your life.

Download the PDF guide to the Lady’s Prayer here.

Full Moon Virtual Goddess Temple

Our virtual circles are a chance to come together, in the sacred setting of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, with Goddess loving folks from around the world!

Each Virtual Temple takes place as a ritual journey, or sacred Goddess ceremony, working with the energies of the season.

Join us for an evening of celebration, ceremony and community each month, as part of your membership!

The next Full Moon Virtual Goddess Temple will be held on:

Monday 5th June 2023, 7.30pm BST

Anna-Saqqara Price will lead a Beltane full moon journey to experience the energies of this time of year.

Maria writes: “The Sagittarius Full Moon rises on the 4th of June in square to Saturnia in Pisces, reminding us to find the balance between joy and discipline, intuition and logic.

Mars and Lilith in the sign of the Lioness align harmoniously with Lady Luna, bringing a welcome burst of creativity and passion.

With Sol in the sign of Gemini, the Butterfly Maiden, this is a time for connection, communication and sharing of ideas. Mercuria the Messenger leaves Her retrograde shadow, sitting in conjunction with Urania the Star Goddess in Taurus bringing downloads and inspirations to guide us forward on our pathway of purpose, and open to new possibilities.

Jupitera the Golden Goddess, ruler of this Lunation also sits in the sign of Taurus, inviting us to remember to ground our visions and dreams. She reminds us of the power of taking practical actions to manifest our highest destiny.”

Click the link below at the scheduled time to join the Zoom call.

This call will be streamed live from the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, held by Priestess of Avalon Anna-Saqqara and Star Priestess Maria Jones.

For those who can’t be present in person a recording will be available after the event.

(link takes you to Zoom. If you don’t have a Zoom account yet, you will be prompted to create one.)

Bonus Video Content

Michelle shows us the Temple at Beltane and takes us through the Lady’s Prayer.

Michelle Braniff Williams is a Priestess of Avalon living in both Wales and Avalon. Michelle can usually be found hosting Temple Treasures every Friday at 7:30pm in the Goddess Temple, and she is also focussing the Melissa team alongside Trevor for the Summer Celebration of the Lady of Avalon on 1st and 2nd of July.

Michelle shows us the Temple at the Spring Equinox and takes us through the Lady’s Prayer.

See above for more about Michelle.

Michelle shows us the Temple at Samhain and takes us through the Lady’s Prayer.

See above for more about Michelle.

Michelle shows us the Temple at Imbolc and takes us through the Lady’s Prayer.

See above for more about Michelle.

Janet Parfitt, Priestess of Cerridwen living in Avalon, shares her poem for Cerridwen from the book Beloved of my Heart which she edited for the 20th Anniversary Celebrations of Glastonbury Goddess Temple.
The book can be found for sale at Goddess Temple Gifts in Glastonbury or online at

A short guided meditation with Kathy Jones, taking you across the Lake of Avalon to the Sacred Isle to immerse in the healing Goddess presence that dwells there, the Lady of Avalon.

This journey was first recorded at our annual Madron Day on 21st February 2021.

A tour of the Goddess Temple in the seasonal colours of Autumn Equinox!
Filmed in October 2020.

Music in the video:
Praise Song for the Lady of Avalon by Kathy Jones and Sally Pullinger.

The Crone passes the black rod of Winter to the Maiden of Imbolc, heralding the start of spring.

The Imbolc Maiden passes flame of springtime to the Spring Flame Goddess, who ignites the land with Her green fire of life!

The Spring Flame Goddess passes Her torch to the Beltane Queen, the Lover Goddess who brings Her season of blossoming love.

Priestess Bliss introduces us to the ancient rites and mysteries of Hathor and the Sacred Cow of Beltane.

The Beltane Queen passes Her torch to the Water Mother, as we enter the season of the Glistening, at Summer Solstice.

The Water Mother passes Her torch to the Great Mother of the Land of Avalon as we enter the shimmering time of Lammas!

The Mother of Lammas passes the Flame of transformation as the seasons change, to the Earth Mother.

As the Wheel turns towards Samhain, the Earth Mother passes the Flame of Avalon to the Dark Mother.

The Wheel of Avalon

The Wheel of Avalon was developed by Glastonbury Goddess Temple creative director Kathy Jones.
It is the foundation for our seasonal cycle of ceremonies and spiritual practice.
We invite you to be inspired to work with this Wheel, and to create your own cyclical practices and attunement with the seasons, where you live!

This is an eight-spoked Wheel, arranged around the eight seasonal festivals. The four directions are associated with one of the four elements. Cross quarter festivals are each associated with one of the four archetypes of Maiden, Lover, Mother and Crone. The Lady of Avalon is at the centre of the Wheel.

The information under each spoke of the Wheel is arranged as follows:

Name and Date of Festival
Goddess of the direction
Names of Goddesses associated with the direction
Power animals
Symbols / objects