Pearl Mothers in Avalon

For Women without Children

An in-person weekend in Glastonbury on Saturday/Sunday 21st/22nd September and an online evening gathering on Wednesday 18th September

Plus an Evening Concert on Tuesday 17th September

With Uni Arndísar

Gathering with ease in a Sisterhood of Women without children, experiencing the power of resting.

Learn to move through life with gentle ease, and the peaceful energies of living gently.

Mother of Pearls is a mother of life, she is a mother of beauty and power. A Woman that nourishes, feeds and changes the world. She is the Mother of many pearls – but she is unable or unwilling to have children.

Women without children are Pearl Mothers. We possess all the characteristics and strength of the Mother, but we do not create children. Our “children” – our pearls – appear in the form of our works of art, our labours of love, and everything we nourish and bring to life.

We Pearl Mothers offer the world our rainbows and our magic. We nourish, give life, and create — just not in the form of a baby.

Pearl Mothers in Avalon is a workshop of Self-love for Women without Children, where we explore our bodies as a temple. We listen to the Sacred sound life has to offer. We embrace ourselves with gentle care & practice communicating with Mother Earth in Ceremony.