In the Heart of the Goddess

Priestess of Avalon Taster Day in Glastonbury

with Kit Crowther

4th May 2024

Beyond the town of Glastonbury, in Somerset, and through the veil of mists and mystery lies the ancient land of Avalon. Sacred Isle of The Lady of Avalon and Her nine Morgen sisters. Her violet rays eternally inspiring, empowering and transforming those who seek to know Her.

This new taster day offers participants a unique experience of Spiral One from the Priestess of Avalon Course, run through Glastonbury Goddess Temple Teachings. The course, founded and taught in year 3 by by Kathy Jones, is an experiential journey towards becoming a Priestess or Priest of Avalon.

There will also be an Online Taster for this training on 7th September 2024.