Priestessing/Priesting the Underworld

With Priestess Healers Sally Pullinger and Sophie Pullinger

Retrieving, Reclaiming And Reintegrating The Treasures Hidden Deep Within Your Soul

In this Two-Year, Two Spiral course Priestesses Sally Pullinger and Sophie Pullinger offer you a way to work in your hidden places of wounding and pain to transform them into a resource of wisdom and resilience. Our places of darkness and suffering, when worked with consciously, are the foundation of our personal power.

This is a certificated course. In Spiral One, completion of the course affirms that you have become Priestess/Priest of Your Own Underworld. In Spiral Two you are supported to learn the skills to facilitate others in becoming Priestess/Priest of Their Own Underworld, as you become a Priestess/Priest of The Underworld.

In the context of the work being presented by Sally and Sophie in this course, the ‘Underworld’ is where we store all that we hide for various reasons, all that is often unseen or even invisible to ourselves and/or others. These are often the parts of ourselves that hold the most pain. Our work will be to bring our whole selves to see, understand and heal these unresolved places.