Remembering the Great Mother:

An Exploration of Her Sacred Sites

with Iona Jones

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This is a journey of remembering and connecting to the Great Mother. She who is the source of all creation – the air, the fire, the water, and the earth we walk upon. We know that the Great Mother was worshipped for thousands of years throughout the world, through the remains of beautiful Goddess statues, carvings, pottery and jewellery we have found. In ancient times our ancestors were devoted to Goddess and they built many earth temples, wood and stone monuments to honour Her. Life was a sacred journey and these temples and spaces were powerful ceremonial places where they could feel her presence.

This is a four-part exploration where we will visit Stone Circles, Long Barrows, Henges, Burial Mounds, Standing Stones and Sacred Waters. We will walk the pathways of the ancestors, connecting to their energies and to the Great Mother. This aims to be a deep journey of remembering and connecting to our ancient priestess-selves. It will be a space where we can open the portal to other timelines, bringing in visions and inspiration for our lives and purpose.

Next Weekend: 22nd & 23rd June 2024