The Art of Creating Sacred Sound:

Sound Healer Training

With Charlie Merton

An immersive 8-month programme to delve into the world of sound healing. Experience the transformative qualities of sonic resonance, learn to create and facilitate deeply healing spaces, sonic weaving a tapestry of tones, vibrations and harmonies rooted in ancient sounds infused with modern techniques. Our Ancestors knew everything is vibration and energy, and Einstein supported this with his statement “Everything in life is vibration”. Sound baths have grown in popularity over recent years. Creating a sound bath that has healing properties requires skill, awareness cultivation and deep connection with one’s own sonic field. This course will provide you with the tools to create safe spaces and healing sonic tapestries.

The programme will consist of 7 weekends held in the Avalon Room in Glastonbury. The space between weekends offers time to digest, assimilate and practice the content of each weekend. In addition, we will meet online 4 times within the time frame for lectures on the theory and science, including discussions and a Q&A session.