Storyweaver One begins with an initial exploration over four weekends for anyone who wants to explore their path as a teller, weaver or dreamer of stories.

Whether you have been working with stories for many years or are considering it for the first time, your own voice and your own path-in-story is unique.

This is an opportunity to explore, discover and deepen your practice, and consider how your unique voice is connected to the story-that-weaves-all-our-ways.

Over these four weekends (with assignments between times) our primary focus will be on exploring story as an oral practice (spoken word) and our work will also include dreaming, devising and re-framing the stories that call for our attention as well as writing and researching.

We will create story, and explore traditional myths/tales; broadly speaking, we will maintain a themed link to seasonal aspects in the wheel of the year – though this may manifest in unexpected ways and bring about some new connections

The curriculum has been shaped to allow us, regardless of our level of experience, to work from where we are. It is likely to contain much that is of interest to those of you on priestess paths, artists in a range of disciplines and many others. The main prerequisites are that you are willing to use your speaking voice and that you have a deep curiosity and love of Story.

Start date: 30 September, 2023