Join us for our next online seasonal ceremony, on Friday 2nd August, at 7.30pm BST.

This year we’re travelling with the Nine Morgens.

Lammas 2024: Honouring Mystress Glitonea, Morgen of Lammas – a time of abundance and gratitude.

All are welcome to our seasonal ceremonies, which are a fabulous way to connect with the Goddess community around the world, and with the Goddess Temple here in Glastonbury.

The ceremony will be online via Zoom – a link will be sent out to participants upon registration.

We are asking for a donation of £5 for this ceremony, which will help us to cover the administrative costs of keeping our Temple activities going. We recognise that many are financially struggling at this time, and want to make sure the ceremony is as accessible as it can be for people, hence we have kept the cost as low as possible.

Register for your spot for the ceremony here!

To read more about the traditions of the Goddess Temple and the Wheel of the Year we follow, click here.

Interested to dive more into the seasonal practices of the Goddess Temple? Then find out more about our Virtual Goddess Temple membership scheme, or explore our online and in-person courses with Goddess!

We have a range of beautiful opportunities, to deepen your relationship to Goddess and Avalon, held within a supportive online community. Created for you, for wherever you are on your spiritual journey, with love from Avalon.

Our Lammas Ceremony in Glastonbury

Come flying with the Nine Morgens to celebrate Mystress Glitonea at Lammas, a Time of Abundance and Gratitude.

Lammas Ceremony

The ceremony will take place on Sunday 21st July at 7:00pm. Meet at the Glastonbury Experience Courtyard to process to the ceremony at Wearyall Hill.