Temple Directors

Kathy Jones

Temple co-founder & creative director

Kathy Jones is a Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Goddess. She is the Founder, Creative Director & Temple Weaver of Glastonbury Goddess Temple, Goddess Hall & Goddess House. She is the Founder of Glastonbury Goddess Conference & is the Motherworld Initiator. She has lived on the Isle of Avalon in Glastonbury for forty years and loves this sacred land of Goddess.

Kathy is a ceremonialist, teacher, writer, wounded healer, initiator, Temple Melissa and sacred dramatist. She is the author of several acclaimed Goddess books, including, “Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of Goddess”, “Soul & Shadow: Birthing Motherworld”, “Remembering the Nine Morgens”, “The Ancient British Goddess” and “In the Nature of Avalon”.

Kathy offers with other dedicated Priestesses, a Three Spiral Training to become a Priestess or Priest of Avalon, and other Goddess and Soul Healing trainings.

Kathy was awarded the 2018 Association for the Study of Women and Mythology Demeter Award for Leadership in Women’s Spirituality. 


Lisa Fletcher

Temple director

Lisa has lived in Glastonbury, Avalon for over 21 years and has been part of the Goddess Temple Community since 2004. She is a Mother, Priestess of Avalon, Morgen Sybil and Goddess Luminary leader. Lisa
loves people and animals, and was called to Glastonbury to serve the Lady of Avalon in Her lands. She loves to work collaboratively, and manages the Temple’s Madron Membership scheme as Madron Mother. As a Temple director Lisa is honoured and committed to serving The Temple here in Glastonbury and is currently Temple Teachings director.


Iona Jones

Temple director

Iona is a Priestess of Avalon and Rhiannon and was born and raised on the Sacred Isle. Here she is blessed to be part of the Goddess Temple community. Iona has worked as a Goddess House Weaver, Priestess Healer and Therapist, Goddess Temple Weddings Manager, and has created many Sacred Healing Events. Iona is passionate about MotherWorld and has co-founded the Glastonbury Mothers Collective – a community group which supports and empowers local Mothers. Iona is excited about being a Temple director and holding the energy and vision of the Temple. She is looking forward to co-creating more Goddess inspired projects in the world.


Mike Jones

Temple co-founder & secretary

Mike Jones is a co-founder of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and has lived and worked with Kathy Jones since 1989, exploring ancient Goddess sites around the British Isles and abroad, remembering and calling in the Goddesses of the ancient lands and creating new mythologies where needed.

Mike writes: “Sacred landscapes that sing to me include Avalon, Llyn y Fan Fach and the valleys around Rhandirmwyn, the mainland and islands of Greece, ancient Anatolia and Mount Kailash. The work is to honour the sacred places and call the ancient Goddesses back into the world for the healing of our cultures and our planet.”


Sally Pullinger

Temple co-founder & director

Sally Pullinger dedicated as a Priestess of Avalon in 2001 and was a co-founder, along with Kathy Jones, of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. Sally is a professional trance medium of 45 years’ experience. In recent years, she has been experiencing the daily presence of Goddess Isis in her work, and has worked with Kathy Jones in bringing through the Oracle of the Lady of Avalon here in Glastonbury. Sally is also a Goddess musician and songwriter, and creates ceremonial music, chants and songs for the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Goddess Conference.


Susie Quatermass

Temple director

Susie Quatermass is a dedicated Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess.

Susie is a professional Goddess artist and sculptress, living in Glastonbury for 15 years and working within and with the land of Avalon. Her service is to bring Goddess alive in the 21st century by promoting and selling Goddess arts and crafts through Goddess Temple Gifts, where she has been a dreamweaver for over 10 years.

Susie is also a facilitator of the creative experience, teaching her course Muse and promoting Goddess art at Conferences and events through the Goddess Temple. She is also a ceremonialist and is co-creatrix of the Sheela na Gig conference that is held in Glastonbury every Beltane.