Goddess Temple Group Ceremonies

We offer a range of private group ceremonies in Glastonbury Goddess Temple, offered by our dedicated Priestesses and Priests of Avalon.

To find out more, make an enquiry with us or visit the ceremony pages below.

Private Access to the Temple

Experience the energies of the Goddess Temple in a private session, held by a Temple Melissa. This can also include a background talk on the Temple and Avalon.

Welcome to Avalon Ceremony

Be immersed in the energies of Avalon and receive messages of the Lady of Avalon, as embodied by Her Priestesses.

Ceremony to meet the Lady of Avalon

A guided journey to meet the Lady of Avalon, to receive Her messages of healing and transformation for your soul.

Ceremony to meet the Goddess of the Season

In this beautiful ceremony, the seasonal face of Goddess will be invoked and Her messages brought through to your group.

Sacred Sound Bath

Be immersed in sacred healing sound, in a lush sound bath held by a Temple sounder and Priestess of Avalon. A deeply relaxing and healing experience.

Elysium Dream Temple

Experience a deep sound healing journey akin to the dream temples of Ancient Greece, held by Temple Priestesses and Sounders.

Bespoke Group Ceremonies

Explore the range of bespoke ceremonies offered by our Priestesses and Priests, including blessing ceremonies, rites of passage and more.